Pamela has studied with the best of the best in eyebrow design.  She has been fortunate to study with Damone Roberts on several occasions.  Only a handful of students were present in each class where Damone shared his sculpting secrets. Pamela is a Nationally Certified Eyebrow Design Master Trainer and was invited to work and perform eyebrow design at the Chicago Midwest Beauty Show, a huge honor within the industry and has taught Estheticians from all over the world her style of eyebrow design through her online eyebrow design course.
After being a completely mobile salon for years, in early 2008 Pamela opened a Studio in the Historic District of Ambridge, directly across the street from Old Economy Village.  "When I saw the space, I knew I had to work there."  The Studio is located in one of the original Harmonist buildings, built in 1826.  "There is so much history in this house.  It feels warm and comforting, I get very good energy working there and clients feel the same way."
Everyday Esthetics Eyebrow Studio is the first of it's kind in the region.  It is dedicated only to brows.  "I do only a few things very well - and brow design is one of them!"  Brow Couture is the signature service at the Studio, and Pamela has clients from up and down the East Coast.  "I have clients that regularly drive 3 or more hours round trip and a client I make house calls to in New York City.  I really cannot believe how many amazing, devoted clients I am lucky enough to have."
Pamela started her career working for one of the largest and most prestigious salon groups in the state.  A loyal following of her eyebrow work led to venturing out on her own.


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