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Wait time is well over 3 years for your first appointment and may be significantly longer.Wait times are extreme and we make no promise of an appointment within a certain time frame.
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We very rarely accept New Clients.You will be notified by email only when new client appointments become available.
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 Below A Message from Pamela, the Owner:  
love your eyebrows


"I have been incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful, loyal clientele.  As a one person operation, I have limited availability and  cannot operate like a standard salon with many employees.  My clients rarely leave, so there is very little opportunity for me to accept new clients.  The wait list contains over 1000 names, so chances of getting in are...slim.  I appreciate your interest, and hope one day to meet all of you!!  Thanks to all who are waiting and all who have supported me since my business opened."


 Thank you for your patience, and hope to meet you soon!  







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